Korniche Bifold Doors

Korniche Bifold Doors

“We had already placed an order with another company only to be let down at the last minute. Trade Bifold Doors came to our rescue, sorted out all the issues and delivered five sets of doors on time, undamaged and they went in like a dream. Thanks again your outstanding service.“

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Korniche Bifold Doors

Constructed from thermally broken aluminium, foam filled gaskets and insulation to help reduce the risk of condensation, the frames of our korniche bifold doors are some of the best out there on the market, and their stylish finish helps to put them above any sort of similarly priced competition on the market. Along with this, the korniche bifolding doors can be folded up compactly, giving you more space and a more open feel to any area. These doors are more than suitable for a wide range of settings, from homes wanting a more modern look to public buildings and hospitality establishments offering outside areas. Why not take a look today at our range or get in contact for a quote.

Korniche Bifolding Doors

One main advantage of the korniche bifold doors over many other similarly priced competitors is it’s use of industry leading technology to help regulate the temperature. Using Q-Ion, a new sealing technology with no reliance on silicone, korniche bifolding doors are better at keeping the heat in during winter and the cool in during summer. Along with the industry leading sealant, korniche doors also come fitted with a deep thermal broken profile, the bigger the breaks, the better the U-values along with high quality glazing as standard. Finally, korniche bifolding doors are constructed out of a one piece welded gasket, which eliminates any potential leakages where gaskets meet on other similar products. All of these things combined show why these doors are head and shoulders above the competition, and you can rest assured knowing that your new doors aren’t costing you to lose heat and costing you more money in the process!

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  • How much do Korniche bifold doors cost?

    Due to the sheer customisation options available for Korniche Bifold Doors, prices will vary depending on what features you’d like yours to have. For example, our standard 3 Panel Korniche Bifold Doors have a starting price of £1,638. But there are many options when it comes to Korniche Bifold Doors. You can select from a range of door sizes, configurations, frame colours, and handle colours as well as the inclusion of cills and trickle vents. We price our Korniche bifold doors as low as possible to ensure that you’re receiving the best quality for amazing prices.

  • What Aae the benefits of Korniche bifold doors?

    Korniche bifold doors are low maintenance and only require warm water and mild detergent to clean. Additionally, they offer enhanced door security with the connection between the track and the doors, which disables them from being lifted and infiltrated. Korniche Bifold doors are also fantastic insulators, so they’ll help keep your home warm throughout the winter without a raise in heating bills. Finally, they’re very aesthetically pleasing and create the illusion that your room is bigger as it feels more connected to your outdoor space.

  • What are some considerations for Korniche bifold doors?

    Due to how the Korniche bifold doors fold, they can create an obstruction. For this reason, the decoration in the area around your doors will need to be sparse. So as not to knock into anything when the doors are opened. Although Korniche Bifold Doors are easy to clean, there are a lot of panes and a lot of frames to get through. But if you don’t mind mildly time-consuming cleaning, this won’t pose a problem.

  • Are Korniche bifold doors secure?

    Korniche Bifold Doors include enhanced security measures that allow them to be incredibly secure. They are considered to be some of the most secure door options available on the market and are certified to the PAS24:2016 standard. They use 3 Star Yale locking barrels, high-strength shoot bolts, and a system of multi-point FUHR locking systems to ensure that your Korniche Bifold Doors are impenetrable.

  • Are Korniche bifold doors thermally efficient?

    Korniche Bifold Doors are incredibly thermally efficient. They have a great U-value that allows the doors to insulate with ease and prevent the heat from within your home from escaping. For this reason, they will be a valuable addition to your renovation project and for hindering the rise of your energy bills in the winter. Added glazing levels contribute to the thermal efficiency of your Korniche Bifold Doors, so considering triple glazing is recommended.

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