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Conservatory Bifold Doors

“We ordered some bifold doors from Trade Bifold Doors and I can honestly say that they are best value bifold doors we have found, the quality of them is fantastic and the service we received was phenomenal. Thank you for your great service.“

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Conservatory Bifold Doors

Here at Trade Bifold Doors, you can find conservatory bifold doors that are the pinnacle in contemporary design. Installing bifold doors on your conservatory can help completely transform your home, allowing you to let in more natural light and discover a whole new level of open plan living. Our conservatory bifold doors are fully bespoke to fit any type of conservatory no matter big or small and offer a stunning panoramic view as well as easy access into your back garden. We can deliver all over the UK so no matter where in the country you are, you can get high quality folding doors delivered directly to your address. Call us today to receive an unbeatable quote for custom conservatory bifold doors.

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Bifold Conservatory

All of our doors including our bifold conservatory doors are constructed from thermally broken aluminium, foam filled gaskets and insulation to reduce condensation and improve temperature control in your home. Using industry leading sealing technology with no reliance on silicone, our 3, 4, and 5-Panel Korniche bifold doors are outstanding for keeping in heat during winter and cool during summer. Along with this our bifold conservatory doors are made out of a one piece welded gasket, which helps eliminate any potential leakages and drafts keeping your home insulated and reducing your heating bills. All of our bifold doors come with a 10-year warranty so you can rest assured knowing you won’t have to change your doors any time soon.


  • Do Conservatory Bifold Doors Protect Against Condensation?

    Condensation on bifold doors is never completely avoidable, but there are certain things that can help. For example, ensuring there is ample air circulation in your home is a recommended method to prevent condensation. If you do notice condensation, be sure to wipe it away to prevent avoidable damage to the sealant. Although our conservatory bifold doors are helpful protection methods against condensation, this natural occurrence cannot be completely avoided.

  • Are Conservatory Bifold Doors Thermally Efficient?

    Thanks to the thermally broken aluminium frames used to make conservatory bifold doors, our bifold doors here at Glass Door Centre are incredibly thermally efficient. They help to impede the ingress of external cold air and boast great heat retention properties that can help you insulate your home or business.

  • What Kind Of Sealant Do Conservatory Bifold Doors Use?

    We provide Q-Ion sealant with our conservatory bifold doors, a highly superior and efficient alternative to silicone. It makes it difficult for cold draughts or damp to enter your home and lasts far longer than an ordinary silicone seal. Furthermore, Q-Ion technology offers far lower thermal conductivity than conventional silicone, which provides a far better barrier between external temperatures and your home.

  • How Long Do Conservatory Bifold Doors Last?

    Conservatory bifold doors can last upwards of several decades without requiring complete replacement, given that correct and frequent maintenance is carried out. Here at Glass Door Centre, we offer a 10-year guarantee on all of our products, so you can rest assured that your product will be fully protected against unlikely damage for a decade.

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