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“We ordered some bifold doors from the Trade Bifold Doors and I can honestly say that they are best value bifold doors we have found, the quality of them is fantastic and the service we received was phenomenal. Thank you for your great service.“

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Smart Bifold Doors

Smart bifold doors are currently the most popular type of door on the market thanks to their highly-efficient design features and enhanced insulation control. They’re constructed from light and durable aluminium frames and internally lined with thermally broken aluminium, which provides an effective barrier between internal and external temperatures. 

The elegant and contemporary design of smart bifold doors makes them suitable for use in homes and commercial buildings, aided further by the sleek and easy-to-clean double-glazed window panes. These window panes provide fantastic insulating properties, allowing for better temperature control and eradicating cold drafts in the winter. 

Here at Trade Bifold Doors, our doors are made-to-measure to ensure complete and seamless suitability to your specific size requirements, including the number of panes you need.  

If you’d like to learn more information about our Smart bifold doors or make a bespoke order, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! 

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Smart Bifolds

With our made-to-measure smart bifolds, you’re capable of completely transforming your space while remaining energy efficient. Enhanced light levels and highly insulating construction components allow for a decreased necessity for artificial lighting and heating. Which will save you money in the long run. 

We ensure our doors disallow heat from escaping your room and help to keep your rooms at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. We do this by combining double-glazed glass, thermally broken aluminium, and industry-leading Q-Ion sealants. 

Q-Ion sealants don’t rely on silicone and are far less prone to deterioration from exposure to testing weather conditions. So you can rest assured your smart bifolds will stand the test of time and provide continual benefits from the moment of installation. 

We include a 10-year warranty on all our smart bifolds because we guarantee optimal efficiency and superior weatherability over other types of doors. Choose Trade Bifold Doors for your Smart Bifolds now!

  • Are Smart Bifold Doors Thermally Efficient?

    Smart bifold doors are incredibly thermally efficient with the use of toughened glass and thermally-broken aluminium frames which prevent the ingress of cold air and the loss of warm air. They have incredibly efficient heat retention properties which make them a perfect alternative to constant artificial heat.

  • What Is Q-Ion Sealant?

    Q-Ion sealants are a highly developed and more efficient alternative to silicone. It makes it difficult for cold draughts or damp to enter your home and lasts far longer than an ordinary silicone seal. Furthermore, Q-Ion technology offers far lower thermal conductivity than conventional silicone, which provides a far better barrier between external temperatures and your home.

  • How Much Do Smart Bifold Doors Cost?

    The best way to discover how much our smart bifold doors cost is by contacting us now! We can provide you with an accurate quote over a preliminary phone consultation. We try to keep our prices as low as possible with our competitive pricing approach to ensure you receive the best quality product for the lowest possible price. Just get in touch with us today!

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