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“We ordered some bifold doors from the Glass Door Centre and I can honestly say that they are best value bifold doors we have found, the quality of them is fantastic and the service we received was phenomenal. Thank you for your great service.“

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Glass Bifold Doors

Add a modern, contemporary feel to your living space with our glass bifold doors. Our bifolding glass doors are constructed with a durable thermally broken aluminium frame and insulating double glazed safety glass. In addition to letting in more natural light, glass bifold doors can be folded compactly when open, giving you more space. This type of door is suitable for an array of settings, from homes that want a modern, open plan look to hospitality establishments that need easy access to an outdoor area.

We have everything you need, whether you’re looking for a door with 5 panels, 3, or a nice middle ground of 4! We guarantee your doors will look amazing.

Take a look at the glass bifold doors in our gallery or contact us for a bespoke quote.

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Glass Folding Doors

Compared to other similar products on the market, our glass folding doors offer better insulation and thermal regulation. With their supreme sealing technology that uses Q-Ion rather than traditional silicone, our bifold sliding glass doors can help keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. In addition to the industry leading sealant, our bifold doors use high performance glazing that provides further insulation and eliminates drafts. The combination of all those factors makes our glass folding doors leaders in the industry, allowing you to achieve the contemporary look you desire without any loss of heat or high heating bills.

  • How Much Does A Glass Bifold Door Cost?

    The best way to discover how much our glass bifold doors cost is by contacting us now! We can provide you with an accurate quote over a preliminary phone consultation. We try to keep our prices as low as possible with our competitive pricing approach to ensure you receive the best quality product for the lowest possible price. Just get in touch with us today!

  • What Are The Benefits Of Glass Bifold Doors?

    Glass bifold doors boast many benefits, from the enhanced security measures thanks to the multi-point locking mechanism, the insulating properties of the toughened-glass panes, and the strength of the thermally broken aluminium frames, glass bifold doors are the perfect door. Their insulating properties reduce the necessity for artificial heat sources, and their expansive glass panes allow for the ingress of natural light, which helps boost serotonin levels.

  • Do Glass Bifold Doors Break Easily?

    Glass bifold doors do not break easily. The panes are made of toughened glass, a specially manufactured type of glass that is far stronger than ordinary glass, and is designed to be impact-resistant. With glass bifold doors you don’t need to worry about breakage. This testament extends to the tracks and multi-point locking mechanism, which are unsusceptible to breaking.

  • Are Glass Bifold Doors Insulating?

    Yes! We make our glass bifold doors with thermally broken aluminium frames, which as well as providing extra security, also offer efficient insulating properties. Thermally broken aluminium door frames use reinforced polyamide strips fixed between the inner and outer aluminium profiles to create a highly insulated barrier within the window frame. This, along with the toughened double-glazed glass, is what makes glass bifold doors incredibly efficient insulators.

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