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Low Threshold Bifold Doors

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Low Threshold Bifold Doors

Korniche low threshold bifold doors are perfect as room dividers to provide your home with a bright open plan feel. The threshold can be installed flush into the floor to provide a seamless look with no level difference between the two floor areas. Low threshold bifold doors can additionally be supplied with optional wheelchair ramps for easy access. This type of folding door is particularly suited for internal use as a divider between the main building and a conservatory or extension.

Whether you’re looking for a 3, 4, or 5-panel Korniche bifold door, we guarantee total satisfaction.

Take a look at the low threshold bifold doors in our gallery or phone us today to receive a bespoke quote for your specific measurements.

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Our low threshold bifold doors offer a great solution for dividing internal areas in your property without losing natural light and while keeping the floor at the same level. The smart bifold design also allows for the door to be fully folded over, saving you lots of space. Additionally, our low threshold bifold doors provide excellent insulation and prevent any heat from escaping your room. Although they can be installed in sheltered external spaces, low thresholds are not weather graded and if used externally, an additional drainage gulley should also be installed to eliminate any build-up of rainwater.

  • What Is A Low Threshold Bifold Door?

    A low threshold bifold door is a door that allows easier access to a room for those in wheelchairs or who struggle to climb stairs. On a low threshold bifold door, there is no separation between the door threshold and the floor below it. It is essentially a small flush ramp that removes the gap between the ground and the door.

  • Where Do Trade Bifold Doors Deliver Low Threshold Bifold Doors To?

    Here at Trade Bifold Doors, we deliver our low-threshold bifold doors to the whole of the UK. We try to ensure your deliveries reach you as soon as possible, but we can never guarantee the time it will take for your products to arrive.

  • Are Low Threshold Bifold Doors Space Efficient?

    Yes! These miniature ramps occupy very little space in your home. The majority of the ramp is fixed underneath the door frames, and the ramp itself is only small and doesn’t extend too far beyond the door itself. They provide a great feature of accessibility without taking up virtually any space.

  • Can Low Threshold Bifold Doors Be Installed Outside?

    Low-threshold bifold doors can be installed internally and externally with no problems. Low-threshold bifold doors exist to improve accessibility. So it wouldn’t make sense for the doors to only be suited to indoor use. They provide far easier access to your home and are suitable for external use.

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