Why You Should Install French Style Bifold Doors

Dining room with bifold doors

French-style bifold doors are the contemporary versions of the beautifully historical french door, designed in 17th century France and inspired by the ancient Romans’ affiliation with symmetry and architecture. Their most notable features are their tall windows, which open to the side to create a large opening. The modern French style bifold door possesses the same characteristics as the French door but combines them with the features of Bifold doors, which creates a uniquely constructed door system to create the perfect open-plan solution for any home, public, or hospitality building.

Here at Trade Bifold Doors, we have compiled a list of reasons why your home would benefit from French interior bifold doors and what they can do for you.

Enhanced security

French-style bifold doors boast advantageous and advanced extra security features that ordinary doors do not include. Bifold doors are some of the most secure door options available and are designed considering reliability, safety, and durability. Our French-style bifold doors have a multi-point HURH locking system and a series of impenetrable hardened steel lock pins which prevent infiltration. It is impossible to lift the base of the doors from their tracks, as they are tightly secured to the tracks, resulting in an exceedingly immovable door.


French-style bifold doors are glazed with toughened glass, a specially designed type of glass that boasts a plethora of benefits, including heat resistance, sound reduction, impact resistance, and thermal efficiency. During this period of expensive heating, conserving warmth is essential, particularly as we progress from autumn to winter. French interior bifold doors made with toughened glass prevent heat loss from your room and help keep it warmer for longer without help from a constant heat source.

Energy efficiency

Similarly to the point expressed above, French-style bifold doors are incredibly beneficial for energy efficiency, as their large windows reduce the need for artificial light. An ordinary door would prevent light from one room from reaching another, but French interior bifold doors effectively negate this. As a direct result, only a few artificial lights need to be on at once, and natural light has more opportunities to travel around your building.


Aside from the practicality of French interior bifold doors, they’re very stylish. The seamless blend of traditional French doors and contemporary bi-fold ones creates a truly unique type of door that is sure to intrigue your guests. Here at Trade Bifold Doors, we offer bespoke door design services, to ensure that your door seamlessly integrates with the overall decoration of your rooms. From colours to size to additional benefits, we can ensure that as well as functioning fantastically, your French-style bifold door looks stunning.

What can Trade Bifold Doors do for you?

Here at Trade Bifold Doors, we manufacture, design, and distribute high-quality French interior bifold doors, as well as external doors directly to your building, nationwide. We ensure to stock a selection of colours and configurations to provide you with the door you envision. We aim to offer competitive prices to present high-quality products for amazing prices, which is why we have a 10-year guarantee on our products. 

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