What Are The Benefits Of Korniche Bifold Doors?

Kitchen with bifold doors

Korniche bifold doors are the best way to emphasise the sleek and contemporary look of your living space. Aside from their evident aesthetic appeal, they boast practical advantages not visible at face value. This article has compiled a list of benefits of bifold doors to provide you with an extensive overview of the full splendour of Korniche bifold doors. 


One of the primary benefits of bifold doors is the materials that are used for manufacturing. Korniche bifold doors are made of aluminium, a material renowned for its host of practical benefits, including versatility, corrosion resistance, and low mass. 

Aluminium can be cast and extruded easily into various shapes without losing strength, which makes it perfect for property renovation. Additionally, aluminium is incredibly corrosion-resistant thanks to its naturally-generated protective coating, which helps to prevent rust and general deterioration from exposure to a naturally oxidising environment. 

In terms of weight, aluminium has a specific weight of 2.71 g/cm3, which allows the installation process of Korniche bifold doors to be far simpler and less strenuous than it would be for other types of doors. Despite their metal composition, aluminium bifold doors tend to be thinner than their uPVC and Timber alternatives, two materials that are far less preferable to aluminium. 

The aluminium used in Korniche bifold doors is more complex than average aluminium, as one of the benefits of bifold doors is that they use thermally broken aluminium.

  • What is “thermally broken aluminium”?

Thermally broken aluminium is a term for aluminium frames separated by a highly-performing insulating material that enhances the insulating performance of double-glazed windows. This is incredibly helpful concerning the rising cost of living, as better insulation translates to a lessened requirement for indoor heating. Metal has a naturally low thermal mass, which is why thermal breaking is essential for any door that separates contrasting internal and external climates.

Space efficiency

Another of the benefits of bifold doors is that there is flexibility concerning the opening direction of your door. So, if you have a smaller space that Korniche bifold doors might struggle to fit into, you could choose to have doors open outwards, so as not to sacrifice space inside your property. Since the doors fold into each other, they bunch up at either side of the frame and allow for a large open space between your internal rooms and your external spaces, which can make the entire area feel more breathable.

Energy efficiency

Briefly touched on above, one of the most relevant benefits of bifold doors is their capabilities for energy efficiency. Additionally to the thermal efficiency, the large panes of the doors make it possible for increased light levels to access your internal space. Their floor-to-ceiling design allows for the entrance of more light and reduces the need for your lights to be on throughout the day. This will greatly help you reduce your energy consumption and lessen your costs each month, whether you are in a commercial or domestic situation.


Perhaps one of the most notable benefits of bifold doors is their array of enhanced security measures that are absent in other types of doors. Korniche bifold doors are considered to be some of the most secure door options available on the market and are certified to the PAS24:2016 standard. They are designed with reliability in mind. This is why they include a multi-point FURH locking mechanism and lock pins formed from impenetrable hardened steel. Furthermore, the tracks along the base of the doors are secured so it is impossible to lift the doors from their tracks, unlike in ordinary doors where this form of infiltration is simple.

Aesthetic appeal

Korniche bifold doors can add an incomparable flair of aesthetic appeal to any room, whether it be an office, patio, or home. There are so many visual benefits to Korniche bifold doors that stand unmatched, and the customisability options are sure to have your doors stand out. There are many configuration options available, as well as a variety of sizes to choose from, various frame colours, handle colours and options for cills and trickle vents. 

As mentioned above, one of the benefits of bifold doors is that they can help to improve your overall mood and boost your serotonin by introducing increased levels of natural light into your room. But another benefit of bifold doors is that they can make your rooms feel far larger and less claustrophobic.

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