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In a world of skyrocketing energy costs, seeking natural lighting solutions and alternatives to electricity is recommended. In this article, we will discuss a few ways to add more natural light to a room using various methods, as well as cover the importance of natural lighting on those inside the building. Whether you’re hoping to increase the level of natural light in your home, business, or retail buildings, this article is for you.

The benefits of natural light

Natural light harbours a plethora of psychological and physical benefits which can greatly improve your mood as well as productivity. Studies have shown that natural light, especially in the morning, can have a significant positive effect on feelings of depression. This is because feeling more connected to the outside world can reduce boxed-in feelings and improve your mood. Furthermore, natural light can improve your quality of sleep, which in turn can allow you to concentrate more and encourage your creativity. 

For these reasons, access to natural light is integral for an improved quality of life. So, what natural lighting solutions can you employ in your building?


Natural light solutions are simple once you know what to do. There are many different sources with which you can increase the level of natural light in your building, and although some can be more pricey than others, there are many long-term cost-effective natural light solutions you can use. 

Before you implement these solutions, though, it is important to note that the level of natural light these methods provide you with is dependent on several factors. These factors include the size and shape of your room, as well as its intended purpose. If the rooms in your building are small and awkwardly shaped, you will not achieve the same levels of natural light as a more spacious room would. For this reason, it is vital to thoughtfully implement these solutions. 

How to add more natural light to a room

Now, we will discuss the natural lighting solutions you could employ in your building, considering the size, shape, and internal layout of the rooms. 

  • Install Korniche Bifold Doors

Installing Korniche Bifold Doors is a fantastic way to increase the amount of natural light in your building. Rather than impeding the ingress of light from one room to another as an ordinary wooden door would, the panes of these doors allow the light from windows in other rooms to travel through. Korniche Bifold Doors have many advantageous properties which make them ideal for spaces of various sizes, including their ability to fold compactly into another once opened. They don’t occupy much space, they’re a great natural light solution and perfectly match any aesthetic. 

  • Use mirrors

The reflectivity of mirrors can help natural light reach your room and make your space look far brighter. Whether you choose to install one large mirror or a cluster of smaller mirrors, they will create a focal point in your room and reflect all natural light that comes into contact with them. The best place to install mirrors is near entrances, behind doors, or close to light sources such as fixtures and windows. Additionally, the mirrors will create the illusion that your room is bigger than it is. 

Strategically placing the mirrors opposite each other can also encourage the mirrors to reflect off each other, which will only create more light. 

  • Don’t overcrowd

When it comes to methods of how to add more natural light to a room, the worst thing you can do is overcrowd your space. Many items mean many opportunities for shadows and the discouragement of natural light travelling around the room. Once you declutter your space, you will notice that there is more natural light in your room thanks to the removal of obstacles.

  • Install a Rooflight

Rooflights are one of the best methods for bringing in more natural light to your building. Thanks to the placement of rooflights, which points directly to the sky, they allow sunrays directly into your building, which will encourage the presence of natural light. Rooflights let in far more light than ordinary windows do as a result of their placement on the roof. The suns rays wont be required to travel at an angle, and instead point directly into the building.

Trade Bifold Doors

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